Uitzet 1730

  • 6,8% vol.
  • Blond/Gold Beer

Artisanal bitter ale with a fruity aroma and a hint of coriander, triple with taste evolution by refermentation on the bottle. High fermented tripel refermented in the bottle with a twist of coriander. This Wetters beer pairs well with fruity pickles, spicy chicken and cumin preparations. 



Lam Gods

  • 7,2% vol.
  • Dark Beer

A dark coloured high fermented dubbel/double with warm dark brown color and a fruity taste and hoppy aftertaste.Living beer with refermentation in the bottle. His creamy, rich and foamy head is crowned, bottle re-fermentation with taste evolution, is often served with meat dishes, fits with minced meat preparations, raisin bread and cheeses such as stilton.


Uitzet 1730 IPA

  • 8,0% vol.
  • Blond/Gold Beer

Uitzet IPA is a fruity triple with a strong taste of bitterness, and an explosive aroma of exotic fruits, fresh hop (dry-hopping) and yeast. A full-bodied beer in combination with mildness, a touch of bitterness, leading to a perfectly harmonised flavour profile. This Wetters beer pairs well with spicy dishes, aged cheese & sweet desserts.



  • 7,5% vol.
  • Unfiltered Blond Beer

Unfiltered blond beer with a nice fine foamy head, full-bodied beer with a nice fruity twist coming from the yeast culture. The smell is fruity, followed by typical hop flavors. Certainly a very full-bodied beer with light CO2 stimulation, This blond and hoppy alcohol-sensitive beer, pairing well with spicy hamburger or spicy chicken.

A photo will follow soon!

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