The history of Brewery Paeleman

André Paeleman, a male nurse living in Wetteren (Belgium) started a long time ago with his plans to produce his own beer. To accomplish that goal, he followed 3 years of brewery classes in Ghent.

Later, in 1996, he officially started his own Microbrewery in his home city Wetteren. He didn't have a lot of resources to start with so he had to turn an old industrial bakery into a brewery to get started.

In the beginning, he even used milk tanks made out of stainless steel along with materials he got from 2 other breweries in the neighbourhood.

Once a week, he brewed 750 liters of his first beer he called Uitzet 1730. 

The brewery was growing and André was producing more and more Uitzet 1730. Things were looking good and he decided to produce a second beer called Lam Gods.

Later on, he expended his range of beers to seasonal beers and he even produced a cherry beer. 

André drealised that he couldn't take care of all those different beers by himself. He decided to let Brewery Van Steenberge brew Uitzet 1730 and Lam Gods while he would be focussing on the seasonal and cherry beers.

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